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Carlswark Cavern - 25 Oct 2008

Saturday October 25th 2008

Members present: ,  Adam Wilkinson,  Antti Turkia,  Bassam Jundi,  Catherine Moody,  Charlie Dixon,  Chuck Holder,  Clara Davies,  Diana Saggese,  Ellie Jones,  Gary Douthwaite,  Gemma Platt,  Gonzalo Gonzalez Abad,  Hayley Clamp,  Henry Rotzoll,  Imogen Shepherd,  Kevin Francis,  Laz Abbott,  Mark Sims,  Matt Ewles,  Mike Rippon,  Richard Parry,  Sarah Donnelly,  Toby Buxton

Report by Imogen Shepherd

A really fun freshers trip!

It all started early on when Chuck picked me and Kevin up at 8.20 and forgot about picking up Mark (two weeks on the trot Mark, are you getting the hints? ;)) At the container I suited and booted the freshers and paniced a little because we ran out of gear!

We headed to Outside for some breakfast where they successfully fed all of us pretty quickly. For the record arriving too late for breakfast is a good thing: big plate of chips, two veggie sausages, 2 free range fried eggs and a glass of vimto for under a fiver!

After successfully stuffing ourselves we drove to the cave and got changed, some of the club into slightly more 'traditional' outfits! We split into 3 groups. Kevin showed us where the cave was and our group headed down first, with Adam rigging the handline. As none of us had been in the cave before, there was a lot of route-finding fun, but the freshers didn't get too fed up and seemed to enjoy exploring all possible routes! Some of our freshers even did the supposedly difficult letterbox 4 times, with no complaints at all!

We popped back out to pop our heads in a couple of the small caves and got changed in the sun!

Well done to everyone, a successful fun trip, and we seem to have some freshers who like lovely crawling! Not many complaints at all in the crawling in water bit either, which I really enjoyed!