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Lost John's Cave - 13 Mar 2005

Sunday March 13th 2005

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Vick,  Dominic Galliano,  Gary Douthwaite,  Holly Read,  James Gregory,  Laura Bennett,  Matt Ewles,  Natasha Durham,  Nicola Gover,  Oliver Bunting,  Richard Gover,  Stephen Cooper

Report by Stephen Cooper

It was snowing i think that counts as a level 4 by your definition if 5 is a blizzard by the gover scale. For instance ade graded a three when it was still light and it wasn't snowing therefore i feel perfectly justified in my rating (plus my battery pack got stuck under the duck and i got propperly soaked).
<br>But yeah asside from that great fun trip. I was however followed by some kind of cave daemon that dragged by foot off my sole (dodgy) foothold on the battleaxe traversand kept dragging on me while i was prussoking. Upon extensive research into the field i decided to call these daemons Cave Loci (after the norse god of mischief).
<br>It was probably at this point when andy (Hail Presedente) pointed out that the technical term is a tacklesack.
<br>I do not completely agree as while i was waiting with my light out for tash and gover to de rig a particularly awkward traverse and pitch head i could have sworn that it was a bear called fred which seemed very friendly.