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Aquamole Pot - 13th Dec 2009

Sunday December 13th 2009

Members present: Alastair Gott,  Chad B,  Flori De Castro,  Jonathan Booth,  Luke Gardiner,  Mike Rippon

Report by Alastair Gott

in true YUCPC style harking back to sell gill in laz's day, when disaster hits there shall always be a source of alcohol for those passengers who don't need to worry (honorary drunk). however due to being in modern times and not medieval where reliance was heavily on phone boxes (although the signal around aquamole is poo poo- so we may as well have had phone boxes).

the perks of the day were seeing the man who dived the cave from the bottom to find it in the first place hence the name Aquamole - Aqua meaning discovered from the bottom and mole digged from beneath. this guy told us two good things 1. that he is a total nutter and free climbed the entrance rift to get to the top, a feat that jonny wanted to achieve too at the end of the day. 2. that when looking down the last pitch if you look behind you or to your left depending on where you are, there is an extra bit to the cave if you can free climb the wall, only one person needs to free climb though as there is a long life on the side so a rope or ladder can be rigged up the approx. 6m climb. this must be done on my inevitable return to this delightful cave when i seek the aquamole fish which eluded me this time.