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Hillocks Mine (with a finger in Knotlow)

Sunday November 13th 2011

Members present: Alexander Stelfox,  Catherine Peake,  Christopher Jones,  Henry Bird,  Sophie Hentschel

Report by Sophie Hentschel

I really enjoyed my first trip with some of the YUCPC lot! And am very pleased that they are really fun and friendly. Also, I was surprised about our group's efficiency: meeting early, leaving almost on time, and not too much of faffing and waiting around :p Alex let me de-rig the last pitch on the way back, which I really appreciated, and he's a good teacher. Thanks again! I've never been to a mine before, only natural caves, and have to say that it's quite awkward to come back from caving, erm mining, without a single bruise... perhaps too comfortable?? All in all I had a great time!