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Hillocks Mine - 12 Aug 2007

Sunday August 12th 2007

Members present: Imogen Shepherd,  Kevin Francis,  Lauren Ellis,  Simon Herrod

Report by Lauren Ellis

This was a pretty cool one! Was really odd looking, and the hand picked bits were quite something! Was fun to rig too, lots of choices of which way to go!

Usually I hate crawling, but I actually secretly enjoyed it in this one!!

Note: before asking random Geordies/Yorkshiremen to borrow their cunningly hidden spanner, check that you can't just turn the biggest bolts ever known to man with your hands! Especially if you're not even going down that way anyway!

The wetsuit diversion was definitely a necessity, this trip wouldnt have been complete without it. And the wetsuit fashion show at the car.

Super faffy, but super fun!