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Hillocks Mine - 12 Aug 2007

Sunday August 12th 2007

Members present: Imogen Shepherd,  Kevin Francis,  Lauren Ellis,  Simon Herrod

Report by Imogen Shepherd

I really enjoyed this cave, much fun was had! Lots and lots of faff though although that did provide lots of fun! We all bought wetsuits from Lidl in Sheffield for £25, moseyed around until we found a cafe that did breakfast, and then found one which did a vegan breakfast! AMAZINGLY tasty.

We got lost findingg the cave and Si befriended an old lady and her crazy dogs.

The cave/mine was really interesting though, lots of fun squeezes! :)

The air wasn't so nice though!

We then faffed about finding a lake, missing food being served in the pub so we ate in Lloyds in Sheffield instead.