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Top Sink - Lancaster Hole

Saturday August 24th 2013

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  Andy Hurlbatt,  Catherine Moody,  James Gregory,  Mark Sims,  Mike Rippon,  Steven Spall,  Toby Buxton

Report by James Gregory

First proper caving trip and first SRT for 5 and a half years! (though I did go down a mine last year). :p

Genuinely fun, and for me genuinely quite hard and tiring. There was a bit of faff on one of the pitches in Top Sink but after that it was pretty speedy, 6 or 7 hours of constant clambering over boulders, squeezing along rifts and streamway, and slipping around on mud. Well done to whoever was navigating, I just stumbled along at the back, noting whichever way the person is front was going. On the rare occasions I could hear the rising Teeside Tintin query "Eeeehhhh?" in the distance, I knew it meant we'd caught up Toby and the others in front.

On exiting we were being eaten alive by midges, so ran back to the car, abandoning whoever was left in the cave to their fate.