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Cow Pot - Wretched Rabbit

Saturday January 11th 2020

Members present: Conor Morrison,  Jake Marshall,  Jean-luc Heath,  Miles Armstrong

Report by Jean-luc Heath

An excellent variation on the classic Lancaster - Wretched trip, with Cow pot adding some fantastic SRT. Despite somewhat aqueous conditions over previous days the main streamway was found to be quite low, so was followed to Oxbow Corner (with a careful eye kept for any signs of rising water). Upon climbing out at Oxbow corner, the usual route was rapidly followed to Stop Pot, where the boulder were descended, and the entrance to the streamway up to Eureka Junction found. However, despite the low water we experienced in the main streamway, the climb through boulders down to the stream as practically sumped with fast moving water - Time to crack of the description for the dry bypass (highly recommend learning this)! This was easily found and followed, and we were soon at the rapidly recognized passages of Wretched Rabbit, these were easily negotiated, with the only time being wasted, spent tutting at the blasted footholds on the climbs out.

Overall, a very worthwhile trip, and an excellent example of just how quickly Easegill can react to wet weather.