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JH Over-Engine Mine - 18 Jun 2005

Saturday June 18th 2005

Members present: Gary Douthwaite,  Holly Read,  John Singleton,  Laura Bennett,  Matt Ewles,  Neil Bird,  Nicola Gover

Report by Matt Ewles

An absolutely fantastic trip. Some excellent SRT work, not too technically challenging but very tiring, as it was a long way down! Really nice to see some of the old mine fittings still in place, though rather difficult to imagine it as a functioning mine however long ago.
<br>Some great bouncy long pitches, lots of excercise, a good balance of ropework, crawling and climbing, with narrow passages (though never anything tight) and numerous big open chambers. For anyone looking at doing this in future, it's a long trip. We rigged, and then Debs, Nikki and Laura derigged on Sunday. To do both on the same day would take ages and would need a speedy team, and would be very exhausting.