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JH Over-Engine Mine / Titan Shaft - 17 Jun 2006

Saturday June 17th 2006

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Vick,  Chuck Holder,  Debbie Flowers,  Dominic Galliano,  Gary Douthwaite,  James Gregory,  John Singleton,  Kevin Francis,  Laura Bennett,  Matt Ewles,  Nicola Gover,  Richard Gover

Report by Adrian Turner

Such an awesome trip 8) The Titan entrance shaft was impressively over engineered, it took us half an hour to open it! Had a wibble while waiting for Gover to rig the main shaft, but once I got into the aven and could see just how big it was, I was just amazed. It was huge!! Glad I didn't have to go up it though. The boulder choke to get through to JH was amusing, quite enjoyed that, but going back up JH was knackering, was half dead by the time I got out. Would quite like to do that trip again, was good fun :)