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Valley Entrance - 20 May 2006

Saturday May 20th 2006

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Gary Douthwaite,  James Gregory,  Kevin Francis,  Matt Ewles,  Neil Bird,  Richard Gover

Report by Adrian Turner

Could we possibly have faffed any more?!?!? After getting up at 6:15 to meet at the container at 7, we realised it was a bit wet and dug out ropes for cow pot. Arrived at the dales after swearing at all the weekend drivers (yes they are out that early ;@) and had breaky followed by a trip to White Scar to see if we could go down it. The White Scar guy laughed at us saying he wasn't even sending tourist groups down, but would recheck the situation at 12:30 and we might be able to go down after that. Went back to Ingleton and bought a couple of neofleaces, the drove up to bull pot farm to do cow pot. Got to bull pot farm and decided we couldn't be bothered so headed back to bernies for more tea. Found a Jimmy G and phoned to check white scar was still closed and then decided to go play in valley. Parked outside valley at around 1:30 (!!!) and then went and played in the river for a bit; having giant games of poo sticks under the ford, and getting swept down the rapids. Finally made it underground, just beating the 3000000000 kids to the cave. The cave was basically one giant water slide :) Lots and lots of water made walking up the cave fairly difficult, but sliding back down it a tad scary but awesome fun. Somehow we managed to sustain injuries, I think I've done something to one of my fingers, but no longer suspect it of being broken, and jimmy g managed to take a nice chunk of flesh out of his hand leaving lots of blood around :s Excellent trip though, I'd say better than long churn in flood 8)