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Valley Entrance - 20 May 2006

Saturday May 20th 2006

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Gary Douthwaite,  James Gregory,  Kevin Francis,  Matt Ewles,  Neil Bird,  Richard Gover

Report by Neil Bird

Ok start with the FAFF is it possable to faff more than what we did?? i don't think so, HOW LONG DID IT TAKE US TO GET TO THE CAVE? never mind actualy into it.

After driving to and from burnies (and a beer shop) to caves and back sevral times we final decided to go caving, :) ,

Got to the cave and thought we had better test wet suits out by playing in the river and good game of poo sticks (with cavers) was had. got out of river just intime to see every kid in 20,000mile wanting to go down our cave ;@ a brisk run up the road and to the cave got us there just intime to have there leader let us go first (thank god)

in the cave was the best one massive super fun happy slide. we played of a prity long time before leaving with the odd injary like jimmy G contaminating cave water with his blood (looked good in the water i must say) ade with possable broken finger and me with as it turns out a dislocated thumb, (it's ok gover gary knows about it now) good job we had 2 first aiders with us myself and ade :o and i must say the firt aid kit was very usefull ;)