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Sell Gill Holes Goblin Route - 24 Jan 2009

Saturday January 24th 2009

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Alexander Stelfox,  Chad B,  George Bunyan,  Mark Sims

Report by Alexander Stelfox

I loved this trip, wandering down along the course of the stream, past loads of cool looking rocks doing some interesting bits of SRT is exactly what I like about trips. Though the cave was quite short, it did have a very entertaining bit to it at the end, where we found a bit of a swim, in which mark decided to fully submerge himself (even though the rest of us could go through on our fronts and still have air) which lead to a medium sized area with a couple of minor formations and somewhere that the stream vanished to, possibly a sump. Seeing the formations was not really worth the swim (and flat out crawl in water section), but still nice, and besides, it was very funny. And then my first de-rig was great fun, I now understand what everyone's been going on about.
All in all, I thought this was a top notch trip, and I would definately go again.