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Sell Gill Holes - 17 Jan 2009

Saturday January 17th 2009

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Jonathan Booth,  Thomas Blakey

Report by Jonathan Booth

My first cave! Didn't know what to expect, the drive up throught the dales was beautiful, it seemed like the weather was tryng to convince me to stay above ground. However when it was time for the changeover it msut have realised I serious about going underground because it clouded over and became windy and cold. The walk up the hill warmed us up and soon I was staring down into the entrance trying to imagine what was below.

After Blakey rigged the entrance pitch we abbed down and stooped along a bedding plane to the second pitch, and eventually joined the Goblin route, an impressive waterfall starting off the streamway which we followed. Some watery crawling followed until rounding a corner we were halted by a tight spot that was very nearly a sump, and maybe the water did reach the roof futher on. I waited for ade, hoping he wasnt goiong to take us through it (I might consider doing it now if I knew how long it was but it scared me then). Thankfully Ade didnt want to get wet so we turned back and were out beore sunset.