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Sell Gill Holes - 15th Nov 2009

Sunday November 15th 2009

Members present: Adam Wilkinson,  Chad B,  Daniel Hughes,  Marcus Roby,  William Burns

Report by Chad B

A fun trip. Some 'mature' cavers came down behind us, and they were very interesting people to talk to. As they rigged off different p-hangers to us on the second pitch I had fun overtaking one of the guys going back up.

There was a lot of water coming down the wet route which was really spectacular, and explained the nicely formed shaft.

Unfortunately for me Marcus wanted to go though the duck, I remember being keen on doing this on my third trip, because no one else wanted to I was not going deprive Marcus. It was grim!

Back at the bottom of the pitches, one of the guys form the 'mature' team had a viper light which gave some good illumination of the ceiling. Very nice... Perfect Sunday trip for a caving weekend.