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Sell Gill Holes - 6th Feb 2010

Saturday February 6th 2010

Members present: Chad B,  Luke Brownbridge,  Marion Holloway,  Thomas Blakey

Report by Chad B

So the third time I've done Sell Gill and the third time I've done that duck (hence the scumyness of three!) because Tom fancied it, I think mainly becuase to make me do it again :-P. If I keep on doing this I should at lease take a rope to have a potter down the pitch that is at the end. But as I said to the other the day I wuss out will be the day I should retire :-P

Still managed to find little bit of cave that I haven't explored yet :)

Maz did her first bit of de-rigging, which she did admirably - especially the Y-hang at the bottom.

Up and out to a nice view of the sun beyond the mist in the valley and off to Austwick for pizza :) An enjoyable day out :)