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Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YUCPC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

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Monday March 19th 2018 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (Cwm Dwr) To the Confluence Members: Dodly Prosper,  Jean-luc Heath,  Livvy Golby-kirk,  Rachel Findlay
Monday March 19th 2018 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (Cwm Dwr) Members: Dodly Prosper,  Jean-luc Heath,  Livvy Golby-kirk,  Rachel Findlay
Monday March 19th 2018 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Northern Lights Members: Andy Hurlbatt,  Evan Cooper,  Gary Douthwaite,  Mads Senstius,  Matt Ewles
Sunday March 18th 2018 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Top Waterfall, Peter Encounter, Northern Lights failure and Frozen River Members: Andy Hurlbatt,  Mads Senstius,  Martin Albacete,  Peter Newbery,  Rachel Findlay
Sunday March 18th 2018 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 1 Round Trip Members: Christopher Edgar,  Evan Cooper,  Jake Hotchin,  Joshua Young,  Lizzie Underhill
Sunday March 18th 2018 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Members: Adam Brown,  Jake Hotchin,  Jean-luc Heath,  Livvy Golby-kirk,  Stuart Morris
Saturday March 17th 2018 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 1 - Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (Cwm Dwr) Members: Adrian Turner,  Gary Douthwaite,  Martin Albacete,  Matt Ewles
Saturday March 17th 2018 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Round Trip Members: Christopher Edgar,  Jake Hotchin,  Joshua Young,  Lizzie Underhill,  Peter Newbery
Saturday March 17th 2018 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (Cwm Dwr) - Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 1 Members: Adam Walmsley,  Adam Brown,  Andy Hurlbatt,  Mads Senstius,  Rachel Findlay,  Sean Wilson,  Will Scott
Saturday March 10th 2018 Pippikin Pot - Mistral Hole Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Joshua Young,  Livvy Golby-kirk,  Martin Albacete

Livvy wrote...

As I awoke, bright and early on the morn of Saturday, I realised I was anything but bright, having decided to drink far too much at the formal the night before. I had a hangover. And not just any hangover – a, I-Might-Throw-Up-Over-The-CNCC-Chairman hangover. When I arrived at the store, my fears were only confirmed when I promptly expelled the contents of my stomach. Needless to say, Josh and Martin were quite surprised to see me, and everyone was doubtful... read more

Saturday February 24th 2018 Lost John's Cave and a harnessless twat Members: Martin Albacete

Martin wrote...

It all started as any other faffstatic YUCPC day trip. We met around 7am at the store and despite the everlasting faff the packing was sort of efficient which meant that “soon” we were all set to go. Or at least that is what I thought at the moment. But I do not want to rush or anticipate the events so let’s continue with the story. We met Peter, Hannah and Fabio at Inglesport and went for some greasy, tasty... read more

11 photos by Martin...

Saturday February 24th 2018 Lost John's Cave - A bimble to Lyle Cavern Members: Hannah Risser,  Jean-luc Heath,  Lizzie Underhill,  Mads Senstius,  Peter Newbery

Jean-luc wrote...

'Battle-Axe Traverse' lived up to it's fearsome reputation, as I precariously wedged myself into position and reached out for the next bolt. Suddenly a thunk arose as the bright yellow box containing my car key departed from my harness and tumbled into the darkness below.... *record scratch* *freeze frame* "Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation". The day started with an enthusiastic 7am meet at the store, this boundless excitement resulted in about an hours worth of faff... read more

Saturday February 17th 2018 Rowten Pot Members: Hannah Risser,  Jake Hotchin,  Jean-luc Heath,  Mads Senstius
Sunday February 11th 2018 Giants Hole Round Trip Members: Alastair Gott,  Joshua Young,  Mads Senstius
Saturday February 10th 2018 Peak Cavern Colostomy Crawl Members: Christopher Edgar,  Joshua Young,  Mads Senstius,  Robert Woolley
Sunday February 4th 2018 Rumbling Hole Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Lizzie Underhill,  Mads Senstius,  Stuart Morris
Saturday February 3rd 2018 Vesper Pot Members: Joshua Young,  Miranda Livermore,  Peter Newbery
Sunday January 28th 2018 Marble Steps Pot Members: Hannah Risser,  Jean-luc Heath,  Mads Senstius
Saturday January 27th 2018 Ireby Fell Cavern Members: Hannah Risser,  Jean-luc Heath,  Livvy Golby-kirk,  Mads Senstius
Saturday November 25th 2017 Providence Pot - Dow Cave via Dowber Gill Passage Members: Adam Walmsley,  Martin Albacete,  Peter Newbery
Saturday November 25th 2017 Gingling Hole Members: Mark Sims,  Matyas Dervenkar,  Susan Town,  Toby Buxton
Saturday November 25th 2017 FOUL Pot Members: Adam Brown,  Joseph Smith,  Mads Senstius,  Rachel Findlay,  Stuart Morris
Saturday November 25th 2017 FOUL Pot Members: Evan Cooper,  Joshua Young,  Lizzie Underhill,  Murphy James
Saturday November 25th 2017 Sell Gill Holes Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Livvy Golby-kirk
Sunday November 19th 2017 Rowten Pot Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Martin Albacete,  Robert Speers,  Sam Wilson
Sunday November 12th 2017 Aquamole Pot Members: Dan Wignall,  Joshua Young,  Julia Jagielska,  Lizzie Underhill,  Martin Albacete
Saturday November 11th 2017 Bar Pot Members: Alistair Rollinson,  Dan Wignall,  Julia Jagielska,  Lizzie Underhill,  Matt Ewles
Saturday November 11th 2017 Marilyn Pot Members: Adrian Turner,  Gary Douthwaite,  Joshua Young,  Martin Albacete
Sunday November 5th 2017 Bull Pot Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Joshua Young,  Martin Albacete,  Stuart Morris

7 photos by Martin...

Sunday October 29th 2017 County Pot Round trip Members: Adam Brown,  Jake Hotchin,  Joshua Young,  Peter Newbery,  Sean Wilson

7 photos by Peter...