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Sunday March 12th 2023 Magpie Sough Members: Dylan Kocher,  Ethan Griffiths
Sunday March 5th 2023 Long Kin West Members: Alfie Exall,  Jean-luc Heath,  Rosie Marshall

Rosie wrote...

Two sheep at the bottom of the first pitch series this time, but at least they didn't smell. We went into the 2018 extensions, up until the first up pitch. The anchors and rope seemed in pretty good condition - we went over on the way out, so rigged a rebelay in the concrete screws (?) just below the tension line and abseiled on our rope rather than the in situ (easier to back up). Worked okay! The extensions were dry &... read more

Sunday March 5th 2023 Brewery Shaft Members: Anna Lawn-stark,  Elliot Macinnes,  Jacob Podesta,  Jonathan Barlow-hall,  Liam Bolam,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Sarah Moody,  Viki Smyth
Saturday March 4th 2023 Smallcleugh Mine Members: Anna Lawn-stark,  Becca Hay,  Elliot Macinnes,  Jacob Podesta,  Jonathan Barlow-hall,  Liam Bolam,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Sarah Moody,  Viki Smyth
Sunday February 19th 2023 Marble Steps Pot Members: Christopher Oulton,  Christopher Edgar,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Sarah Moody,  Viki Smyth
Sunday February 12th 2023 Scanty Lardos Pot Members: Dylan Kocher,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Sarah Moody,  Viki Smyth
Sunday February 12th 2023 Little Hull Pot Members: Alfie Exall,  Henry Sanders,  Rosie Marshall
Sunday February 12th 2023 Hull Pot Members: Adrian Turner,  Christopher Edgar,  Elliot Macinnes
Saturday February 11th 2023 Little Hull Pot Members: Christopher Edgar,  Dylan Kocher,  Sarah Moody,  Viki Smyth
Saturday February 11th 2023 FOUL Pot Members: Elliot Macinnes,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Rosie Marshall
Saturday February 11th 2023 Hunt Pot Members: Adrian Turner,  Alfie Exall,  Henry Sanders
Sunday January 29th 2023 Notts Pot Twilight/Centre Exchange Members: Christopher Edgar,  Jean-luc Heath,  May Brown,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Rosie Marshall,  Sarah Moody,  Viki Smyth
Sunday January 22nd 2023 Gavel Pot Members: Elliot Macinnes,  Ethan Griffiths,  Jean-luc Heath,  Lucy Hudson,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Rosie Marshall
Sunday January 22nd 2023 Jingling Pot Members: Adrian Turner,  Henry Sanders,  Juliet Smith,  Sarah Moody,  Viki Smyth
Saturday January 21st 2023 Rumbling Hole Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Sarah Moody,  Viki Smyth
Saturday January 21st 2023 Bull Pot Members: Christopher Edgar,  Elliot Macinnes,  Liam Bolam,  Toby Buxton,  Will Scott
Saturday January 21st 2023 Hurnell Moss Members: Joshua Young,  Juliet Smith,  Lucy Hudson,  Max Kellermann-stunt
Saturday January 21st 2023 Hardrawkin Pot Members: Anna Lawn-stark,  Ethan Griffiths,  Henry Sanders
Saturday January 14th 2023 Long Drop Cave Members: Elliot Macinnes,  Ethan Griffiths,  Juliet Smith,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Rosie Marshall
Sunday January 8th 2023 Peak Cavern Members: Christopher Edgar,  Jean-luc Heath,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Rosie Marshall,  Viki Smyth
Saturday January 7th 2023 Titan Shaft Members: Christopher Edgar,  Jacob Podesta,  Jean-luc Heath,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Rosie Marshall,  Viki Smyth

Paulina wrote...

Now before I get to the actual titan report I feel obligated to explain the backstory of this weekend as I feel it really sets the tone of the experience…. The plan for this entire weekend really started all the way back at Bull Pot farm of first term, when Chris asked- Hey guys, would you be up for TSG weekend to do titan peak? Er yes, absolutely. It was originally decided the best time for this was once term ended sometime... read more

Saturday November 26th 2022 Sell Gill Holes Wet Dry Exchange Members: Becca Hay,  Christopher Oulton,  Elliot Macinnes,  Ethan Griffiths,  Jean-luc Heath,  Lucy Hudson,  Miles Armstrong,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Sarah Moody,  William Oner
Saturday November 26th 2022 Dow Cave Members: Anna Lawn-stark,  Juliet Smith,  Rebecca Hall,  Rosie Marshall,  Viki Smyth
Sunday November 20th 2022 Rowten Pot Members: Ethan Griffiths,  Liam Bolam,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Rosie Marshall,  Sarah Moody
Sunday November 13th 2022 Marble Steps Pot Sidewinder/Gully Exchange Members: Adrian Turner,  Alfie Exall,  Christopher Edgar,  Dylan Kocher,  Ethan Griffiths,  Henry Sanders,  Jonathan Barlow-hall,  Paulina Lewinska

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Sunday November 13th 2022 Lost John's Cave - Monastery Members: May Brown,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Rosie Marshall,  Sarah Moody
Sunday November 13th 2022 Ireby Fell Cavern Members: Elliot Macinnes,  Liam Bolam
Saturday November 12th 2022 Bar Pot Members: Dylan Kocher,  Elliot Macinnes,  Jonathan Barlow-hall,  Paulina Lewinska,  Rosie Marshall
Saturday November 12th 2022 Aquamole Pot Members: Alistair Rollinson,  Christopher Oulton,  Ethan Griffiths,  Max Kellermann-stunt,  Sarah Moody
Saturday November 12th 2022 Lost John's Cave Centipede/Dome Exchange Members: Christopher Edgar,  Elliot Macinnes,  Gary Douthwaite,  Henry Sanders,  Liam Bolam,  Matt Ewles,  May Brown,  Nicholas Stylianou,  Toby Buxton