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Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YUCPC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

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Wednesday October 2nd 2019 Alum Pot Members: Christopher Edgar,  Conor Morrison,  Martin Albacete,  Sam Dennison
Wednesday October 2nd 2019 Long Churn - Down Dolly Tubs Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Steph Batten
Monday September 23rd 2019 County Pot - Lancaster Hole Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Steph Batten
Monday September 23rd 2019 Lancaster Hole - County Pot Members: Livvy Golby-kirk,  Sam Dennison
Thursday September 19th 2019 Death's Head Hole - Big Meanie Members: Livvy Golby-kirk,  Sam Dennison

Livvy wrote...

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a student caver in possession of a lot of free time must be in want of a trip. And so gathered together a farrago of friends one fine September day, ready to explore the depths of subterranean Yorkshire. After an unremarkable journey and a breakfast at Ingleton’s finest eatery, us four adventurers set out with alacrity towards Leck Fell. As we drove up the hill I discovered that the fell is not perpetually... read more

Thursday September 19th 2019 Big Meanie - Death's Head Hole Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Miles Armstrong
Wednesday September 11th 2019 Lost John's Cave Members: Christopher Edgar,  Jean-luc Heath,  Sam Dennison

Jean-luc wrote...

Despite dry weather the previous day, the entrance streamway was unusually high, forcing a high traverse to avoid a complete drenching on the small cascades dotted along the route. A small stream was also found to be going down Dome route, Centipede, however, was dry as usual. Our 30m rope then proved a little short on Candle and Shistol, resulting in the rope for battleaxe being used. Upon reaching battleaxe we found the stream below to be roaring a little... read more

Wednesday August 28th 2019 Starting Handle Hole Members: Christopher Edgar,  Jean-luc Heath,  Sam Dennison

Jean-luc wrote...

Interesting little cave, with quite a bizarrely convenient entrance. Rigging is still all on spits, and the approach to the head of the third pitch is a little awkward. Worth doing for the novelty value

Sunday July 28th 2019 Lancaster Hole - Visiting Ass 'n' Shaft Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Josh Purdy,  Sam Dennison

2 photos by Jean-luc...

Sunday July 14th 2019 Excalibur pot Members: Adrian Turner,  Christopher Edgar,  Jean-luc Heath
Sunday June 2nd 2019 Bull Pot Members: Hannah Gotheridge,  Jean-luc Heath,  Juliette Schleicher,  Miles Armstrong,  Sam Dennison
Saturday June 1st 2019 Alum Pot - by Dolly Tubs Members: Christopher Edgar,  Daniel Ellis,  Hannah Gotheridge,  Jean-luc Heath,  Miles Armstrong
Saturday June 1st 2019 Rowten Pot Members: Alistair Rollinson,  Juliette Schleicher,  Livvy Golby-kirk,  Rachel Findlay,  Sam Dennison,  Toby Buxton,  Wayne Lack
Saturday May 25th 2019 Stream Passage Pot - Flood Entrance and Bar Pot Members: Alistair Rollinson,  Jean-luc Heath,  Joe Twigg,  Miles Armstrong

Jean-luc wrote...

After meeting Lumens for a classic inglesport breakfast, a nice easy approach was had from Clapham as always. Although, it's worth mentioning that parking on the Saturday of a bank holiday winch meet is an absolute nightmare. Regardless, a spot was found and a pleasant change occurred. 0/7 on the dankness scale. Joe rapidly discovered that being tacklemaster doesn't mean that literally any gear in the store will simply bow down to his mastery and scale perfectly to his size.... read more

Sunday May 12th 2019 Juniper Gulf Members: Christopher Edgar,  Hannah Gotheridge,  Jean-luc Heath,  Joshua Young,  Miles Armstrong,  Sam Dennison

Jean-luc wrote...

A very straightforward approach was made from Horton, although worth bearing the exposure in mind on particularly hot or cold days. Once in the area, the wall can be easily handrailed until a fenced of shakehole is reached - from here the depression to Juniper Gulf is obvious, although slightly longer than the CNCC described method, it is perhaps more reliable in the dark or poor visibility. The cave itself was easy enough and quite dry despite heavy rain the... read more

Joshua wrote...

Our team of 6 rocked up at Horton somewhere around midday, and after some problems finding parking we started getting ready. It was the first hot day in a while, so naturally every man woman and child in the north of England was out and about, making for some not-so-private changing. We had big plans for a trip down Juniper Gulf, and as it was Sam's birthday we were going to have a party at the bottom with some chocolate... read more

Saturday March 23rd 2019 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Members: Christopher Edgar,  Evan Cooper,  Jean-luc Heath
Saturday March 23rd 2019 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Members: Joshua Young,  Livvy Golby-kirk
Saturday March 23rd 2019 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) - A Mystery Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Matt Ewles
Friday March 22nd 2019 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (Cwm Dwr) Members: Adam Brown,  Evan Cooper,  Jake Hotchin
Friday March 22nd 2019 Little Neath River Cave Members: Adrian Turner,  Charles Thorpe-morgan,  Conor Morrison,  Gary Douthwaite,  Jean-luc Heath,  Joseph Smith,  Joshua Young,  Livvy Golby-kirk,  Matt Ewles,  Ruby Williams,  Sam Dennison,  Wayne Lack
Thursday March 21st 2019 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Members: Jake Hotchin,  Jasmine Potts,  Jean-luc Heath,  Steph Batten
Thursday March 21st 2019 Pant Mawr Members: Christopher Edgar,  Joseph Smith,  Joshua Young
Thursday March 21st 2019 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (Cwm Dwr) - Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Members: Adam Brown,  Evan Cooper,  Livvy Golby-kirk,  Sam Dennison
Thursday March 21st 2019 Dan yr Ogof Members: Gary Douthwaite,  Matt Ewles,  Stuart Morris,  Wayne Lack
Wednesday March 20th 2019 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 1 - Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Members: Adrian Turner,  Jean-luc Heath,  Matt Ewles
Wednesday March 20th 2019 Dan yr Ogof Members: Charles Thorpe-morgan,  Jasmine Potts,  Wayne Lack
Wednesday March 20th 2019 Dan yr Ogof Members: Conor Morrison,  Ruby Williams,  Sam Dennison
Tuesday March 19th 2019 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Members: Charles Thorpe-morgan,  Joshua Young,  Sam Dennison,  Wayne Lack,  Will Scott

Joshua wrote...

Down the Nave, up to Top Waterfall, returned up Maypole inlet. Enjoyable, splashy trip in the streamway. The waterfall had a hell of a lot of force behind it, thanks to the heavy rain at the weekend. There was a ladder visible behind the water, leading to the top. We decided not to investigate as there appeared to be a reasonably high chance of drowning. Wayne was a very helpful leader, falling neck deep into all the pots so that... read more

Tuesday March 19th 2019 Powell’s Cave Litter Picking Members: Charles Thorpe-morgan,  Christopher Edgar,  Jasmine Potts,  Joshua Young,  Ruby Williams,  Sam Dennison,  Wayne Lack
Tuesday March 19th 2019 Dan yr Ogof Members: Jean-luc Heath,  Joseph Smith