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Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YUCPC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

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Wednesday March 12th 1997 Dan yr Ogof Members: James Begley,  John Camplin,  Mark Middleton,  Mima Clarke
Wednesday March 12th 1997 Ogof Daren Cilau Members: Dave Chaplin,  Dave Betteridge,  Mike Adey,  Vicky Dunn
Tuesday March 11th 1997 Ogof Agen Allwedd Members: Dave Betteridge,  Dave Chaplin,  James Begley,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Vicky Dunn
Saturday March 8th 1997 King Pot Members: Dave Nightingale,  John Nesworthy,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Mima Clarke,  Pete Simpson
Saturday March 1st 1997 Link Pot - Mistral Hole Members: Dave Nightingale,  Laz Abbott,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Pete Simpson,  Terry Goody
Sunday February 23rd 1997 Lost John's Cave Members: Chris Gibson,  Dave Chaplin,  Dave Betteridge,  John Camplin,  Mark Middleton,  Mima Clarke,  Vicky Dunn
Sunday February 16th 1997 Lancaster Hole Members: Dave Nightingale,  Laz Abbott,  Mark Middleton,  Michael Rosettenstein
Saturday February 15th 1997 Notts Pot Members: Brian Clarke,  Dave Betteridge,  Dave Chaplin,  John Camplin,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Mima Clarke
Saturday February 8th 1997 Sell Gill Holes Members: Dave Chaplin,  Pete Simpson
Saturday February 1st 1997 Bar Pot Members: Dave Chaplin,  Dave Betteridge,  Graeme Shannon,  Michael Rosettenstein,  Mike Adey,  Pete Simpson,  Vicky Dunn
Saturday January 18th 1997 Black Shiver Pot Members: Dave Nightingale,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Steve Gilbert
Saturday January 18th 1997 Great Douk Pot Members: Dave Chaplin,  Dave Betteridge,  Laz Abbott,  Pete Simpson
Saturday January 18th 1997 Little Douk Pot Members: Dave Betteridge,  Pete Simpson
Saturday January 18th 1997 Sunset Hole Members: Dave Betteridge,  Laz Abbott
Sunday January 12th 1997 Juniper Gulf Members: Dave Chaplin,  Mike Adey,  Pete Simpson,  Steve Gilbert
Saturday January 11th 1997 Death's Head Hole - Short Drop Cave Members: Dave Chaplin,  Mike Adey,  Pete Simpson,  Steve Gilbert
Saturday December 7th 1996 Cherry Tree Hole Members: Dave Betteridge,  Dave Nightingale,  John Camplin,  Vicky Dunn
Saturday December 7th 1996 Bull Pot of the Witches Members: Mark Middleton,  Mima Clarke
Saturday November 30th 1996 Giants Hole Members: Andy Capel,  Chris Gibson,  Dave Betteridge,  John Camplin,  Mark Middleton
Saturday November 30th 1996 Nettle Pot Members: Andrew Brammer,  Michael Rosettenstein,  Mike Adey,  Steve Gilbert,  Vicky Dunn
Saturday November 23rd 1996 Alum Pot Members: Dave Betteridge,  Dave Chaplin,  Jeremy Dickson,  Mike Adey,  Steve Gilbert,  Terry Goody
Saturday November 16th 1996 Simpson's Pot Members: Andrew Brammer,  Dave Betteridge,  Dave Chaplin,  Laz Abbott,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Mima Clarke,  Steve Gilbert,  Vicky Dunn
Saturday November 9th 1996 Bar Pot - Flood Entrance Members: Andrew Brammer,  Dave Betteridge,  Dave Chaplin,  Jemimah Eve,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Steve Gilbert,  Vicky Dunn
Saturday November 2nd 1996 Bar Pot Members: Dave Betteridge,  Jeremy Dickson,  Mike Adey,  Steve Gilbert,  Vicky Dunn
Sunday October 27th 1996 Rowten Pot Members: Pete Simpson,  Steve Gilbert
Saturday October 26th 1996 Ireby Fell Cavern Members: Brian Clarke,  Chris Gibson,  Dave Chaplin,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Mima Clarke,  Pete Simpson,  Steve Gilbert
Saturday October 12th 1996 Long Churn Members: Alex Wright,  Andrew Brammer,  Darren Carter,  Dave Betteridge,  Dave Nightingale,  Dave Chaplin,  John Camplin,  Kate Baxter,  Laz Abbott,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Pete Simpson,  Ralph Harwood,  Richard Canham,  Steve Gilbert