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Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YUCPC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

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Saturday February 24th 2001 Disappointment Pot Members: Deborah Last,  Mark Middleton,  Matt Hobby,  Michelle Middleton
Wednesday February 21st 2001 Mistral Hole Members: James Gregory,  James Comerford,  Simon Thompson,  Steph Booth
Sunday February 4th 2001 Lost John's Cave Members: Deborah Last,  James Karran,  James Gregory,  Jeff Gardner,  Richard Gover,  Rob H,  Steph Booth,  Steve Gilbert
Thursday January 25th 2001 Lancaster Hole Members: James Karran,  Richard Gover
Sunday January 21st 2001 Mistral Hole Members: Laz Abbott,  Rob H,  Simon Thompson,  Steph Booth
Saturday January 13th 2001 Top Sink Members: Deborah Last,  Jeff Gardner,  Lucy Bell,  Richard Gover
Saturday January 13th 2001 County Pot Members: James Karran,  James Gregory,  Matt Hobby
Sunday November 19th 2000 Rumbling Hole Members: Deborah Last,  James Gregory,  James Karran,  Julie King,  Lucy Bell,  Matt Hobby,  Richard Gover
Saturday October 28th 2000 Mistral Hole Members: Dave K,  Deborah Last,  Jeff Gardner,  Lucy Bell,  Richard Gover,  Rob H,  Steph Booth
Saturday October 21st 2000 Short Drop Cave Members: Dave Lloyd,  Dave H,  Deborah Last,  James Karran,  James Gregory,  James Comerford,  Julie King,  Lucy Bell,  Mark Middleton,  Matt Hobby,  Richard Gover,  Rob H,  Simon Thompson,  Steph Booth
Saturday November 13th 1999 Sell Gill Holes Members: Andy Tricklebank,  Dave Lumbley,  Matt Hobby,  Richard Gover,  Simon Thompson,  Steph Booth
Saturday October 30th 1999 Long Churn Members: Andy Tricklebank,  Dave Hammond,  Julie Pearce,  Julie King,  Matt Hobby,  Richard Gover,  Steve Gilbert
Saturday October 30th 1999 Heron Pot Members: Dave Chaplin,  Richard Harrison,  Simon Thompson,  Steph Booth
Saturday October 23rd 1999 Calf Holes to Browgill Members: Dave Hammond,  Dave Chaplin,  Dave Lumbley,  Julie Pearce,  Matt Hobby,  Richard Gover,  Steve Gilbert
Sunday October 17th 1999 Long Churn Members: Andy Tricklebank,  Dave Chaplin,  Dave Lumbley,  Laz Abbott,  Mike Adey,  Richard Harrison,  Steph Booth,  Steve Gilbert
Sunday October 17th 1999 Wilson's Cave Members: Dave Chaplin,  Laz Abbott,  Mike Adey
Sunday October 17th 1999 Borrins Moor Cave Members: Dave Chaplin,  Laz Abbott,  Mike Adey
Sunday October 10th 1999 Valley Entrance Members: Andy Tricklebank,  Dave Chaplin,  Dave Hammond,  Jeff Gardner,  Laz Abbott,  Richard Gover,  Simon Thompson,  Steph Booth,  Steve Gilbert
Sunday June 21st 1998 Valley Entrance Members: Dave Chaplin,  Dave Betteridge,  Matt Hobby,  Mike Adey,  Richard Gover
Saturday June 20th 1998 Rift Pot (Allotment) Members: Andy Tricklebank,  Dave Betteridge,  Mark Middleton,  Mike Adey,  Richard Gover,  Simon Thompson
Saturday June 20th 1998 Nick Pot Members: Jeff Gardner,  Steve Gilbert
Saturday June 20th 1998 Sell Gill Holes Members: Brian Clarke,  Frances Booth,  Laz Abbott,  Mima Clarke,  Sam Stratford
Saturday June 20th 1998 Ribblehead Stream Passage Members: Laz Abbott
Saturday June 20th 1998 Meregill Hole Members: Andy Capel,  Chris Gibson,  John Camplin,  Michelle Middleton
Sunday June 14th 1998 Rowten Pot Members: Andy Tricklebank,  Mark Middleton,  Michelle Middleton,  Mike Adey
Saturday June 13th 1998 Bull Pot - Jingling Pot Members: Matt Hobby,  Richard Gover,  Steve Gilbert
Saturday June 13th 1998 Vesper Pot Members: Jeff Gardner,  Mark Middleton,  Michelle Middleton
Saturday June 13th 1998 Ireby Fell Cavern Members: Andy Tricklebank,  Dave Betteridge,  Dave Chaplin,  Mike Adey,  Simon Thompson
Saturday May 30th 1998 Vesper Pot Members: Dave Chaplin,  Dave Betteridge,  Michelle Middleton
Saturday May 23rd 1998 Simpson's Pot - Swinsto Hole Members: Andy Tricklebank,  Dave Betteridge,  Dave Chaplin,  Frances Booth,  Matt Hobby,  Michelle Middleton,  Richard Harrison,  Richard Gover,  Steve Gilbert