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Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YUCPC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

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Monday April 7th 2003 Bridge Cave Members: Andrew Vick,  David Sproson,  Holly Read
Monday April 7th 2003 Ogof Draenen Members: Andrew Vick,  Andrew Gilmartin
Sunday April 6th 2003 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) To Cwm Dwr Members: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Gilmartin,  Andrew Vick,  David Sproson
Sunday April 6th 2003 Porth yr Ogof Members: David Jenkins,  Deborah Last,  Holly Read,  James Gregory
Saturday April 5th 2003 Little Neath River Cave Members: Andrew Vick,  Andrew Gilmartin,  David Jenkins,  Deborah Last,  Holly Read
Saturday April 5th 2003 Climbing/Walking Members: Adrian Turner,  David Sproson
Friday April 4th 2003 Ogof Daren Cilau Members: Andrew Vick,  Andrew Gilmartin,  David Sproson

David wrote...

A quick tip for entering complex cave systems: don't do it without looking at a survey/description and certainly don't take directions from someone else who has never looked at a survey/description.

Atfer the wonderful enterance and a wrong turn we ended up in a seemingly endless boulder choke. We decided to leave when the roof found it had a fear of heights and decided it had to reach the floor as quickly as possible.

A good trip, but thoughourly knackering.

Friday April 4th 2003 Eglwys Faen Members: Adrian Turner,  David Jenkins,  Deborah Last,  Holly Read
Saturday March 15th 2003 Juniper Gulf Members: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Gilmartin,  Deborah Last,  James Gregory

Adrian wrote...

Awesome fun! The last pitch can be a tad knackering on the way back up though.

Wednesday March 5th 2003 Flood Entrance Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  David Sproson,  Deborah Last,  Holly Read,  James Gregory

Andrew wrote...

Disclaimer: All of this happened yonks ago so any innacuracies are due to memory failure. It was the YUCPC election night of 2003. The month was march, the night air was chilly. Coincidentally, It was pancake day. So off we went back to Debs' house for some chocolate fondue, pankcakes and a few bevvies. Spirits were high and somebody foolishly uttered the words "let's go caving!". The room was shrouded by a dark and awkward silence. people nervously shifted their weight... read more

Saturday March 1st 2003 Vesper Pot Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  Andrew Vick,  David Sproson
Saturday February 15th 2003 Diccan Pot Attempt at an exchange to Alam - not entirely sucsessful Members: Andrew Vick,  David Sproson,  Deborah Last,  Holly Read,  James Gregory
Saturday February 1st 2003 Marble Steps Pot Members: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Vick,  Andrew Gilmartin,  James Gregory
Sunday January 26th 2003 Bull Pot Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  Andrew Vick,  David Sproson,  Deborah Last
Saturday January 18th 2003 Sell Gill Holes Members: Adrian Turner,  Deborah Last,  Holly Read
Saturday January 18th 2003 Stream Passage Pot Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  David Sproson,  Natasha Durham
Saturday January 11th 2003 Wretched Rabbit Members: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Gilmartin,  Deborah Last,  James Gregory,  Natasha Durham
Friday December 13th 2002 Hurnell Moss Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  David Sproson,  James Gregory
Saturday December 7th 2002 Simpson's Pot Members: David Sproson,  Deborah Last,  Matt Hobby,  Natasha Durham
Saturday December 7th 2002 Swinsto Hole Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  Andy Tricklebank,  Holly Read,  James Gregory
Saturday November 23rd 2002 Rowten Pot Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  David Sproson,  James Gregory
Friday November 15th 2002 Jingling Pot Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  Dale Taylor,  Deborah Last,  Helen
Friday November 15th 2002 Bull Pot Members: Adrian Turner,  Holly Read,  Sean Eckesley
Friday November 15th 2002 Flood Entrance Members: David Sproson,  James Gregory,  Lucy M,  Natasha Durham
Friday November 15th 2002 Ireby Fell Cavern Members: John Camplin,  Julie King,  Richard Gover
Friday November 15th 2002 Rowten Pot Members: Dave Nightingale,  John Nesworthy
Friday November 15th 2002 Valley Entrance Members: Laz Abbott,  Sam Stratford,  Steph Booth
Saturday November 9th 2002 Bar Pot Members: David Sproson,  Holly Read,  James Gregory
Saturday November 9th 2002 Alum Pot to Dolly Tubs exchange Members: Adrian Turner,  Andy Tricklebank,  Matt Hobby,  Natasha Durham
Saturday November 2nd 2002 Jingling Pot Members: Adrian Turner,  Deborah Last