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Knotlow Cavern - 15th Jan 2011

Saturday January 15th 2011

Members present: Alastair Gott,  Alexander Stelfox,  Christopher Jones,  Sam Briscoe

Report by Sam Briscoe

The quest for pumkin pot has been a long and arduous adventure, but finally I believe we have found it.

The enterence is located a minute away from the car, so there is no issue finding this magnificent cave.
As the saga of epicness begin, young admaril stelfox started to rig this leviathan, the descent was overwhelming, any mere mortal would of fainted due to the awe inspiring essence of the shaft, yet he bravely (and quite stoically) carried on. On the surface tensions where high, as the rest of the crew were on bated breath waiting for the 'rope free' call. Minutes pasted, seconds felt like minutes, minutes seemed like hours, each passing chronological moment flet like an eternity, then it happened.

'ROPE FREE', The elation felt on the surface was so moving that one was nearly emotionally torn asunder, only a British stiff upper lip and the camaraderie between the brothers on the surface stopped one bursting into tears...