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Knotlow Cavern - 15th Jan 2011

Saturday January 15th 2011

Members present: Alastair Gott,  Alexander Stelfox,  Christopher Jones,  Sam Briscoe

Report by Alastair Gott

As I caught up with the others in front i realized i was treading on something quite surreal, instead of mud or rock i was crunching up some white substance, at this point sam got rather excited, it seemed that we had not only stumbled upon a cave painting site but also a site of sacrifice and salvation, as this substance turned out to be Bones.

Fortunately i did manage to find a rock to sit down on as i knew that pretty soon it was going to happen... ... i was going to enter a state of ultimate zen, relaxation but also focus. As what was on my mind at the time was the real world, how was i going to realize the solution to a problem. But then something completely unrelated popped into my mind.
3 points made some kind of triangle which pointed towards a slide, this as usual made no sense whatsoever. but as i decided this fact i was immediately brought out of my zen like <b>zone</b>

it was pitch black, immediately a shiver ran down my spine. i reached for my light to check that some trick hadn't been played on me. but before doing so something in the distance caught my eye, i could see what looked like a light. I Enabled my light in Low mode (God Knows just how much battery i had left!) and began walking towards it. as i passed round a hole in the floor i realised i could see another, nearer yet dimmer light. I forged on, these lights must be my friends!

SNAP! Alex was 10 metres in front of me and had just reacted a glow stick, OOF! this was my triangle, two very dim lights and one bright light made up the triangle. Aren't triangles normally warnings! I explained my enlightenment to alex but we decided it would be best to follow the triangle.

The triangle pointed down further into the cave, whereon we all assembled and found a Chamber, fizzle! Both dim lights had faded out, we were now only working on a Light and a Glow stick.
Why OH why had we decided it would be a good idea when razzled at the TSG to play remote control cars and use our batteries!

Crash! Sam had bashed into the only exit and destroyed it....

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