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Knotlow Cavern - 15th Jan 2011

Saturday January 15th 2011

Members present: Alastair Gott,  Alexander Stelfox,  Christopher Jones,  Sam Briscoe

Report by Sam Briscoe

Yet again I had fallen to mans greatest folly and had destroyed what I loved. Sadness fell but soon altered, as the stark realization reared its ugly head, I had destroyed the only exit, so onwards we had to go.

Were we mad to follow alastairs ethereal Premonitions? who knows, yet somewhere deep in my being I trusted him so onwards we went. The chamber was vast, the little light we had left barely scraped the surface of the all consuming darkness, the sense of unease was growing in the group the only exit (that we knew of) had been destroyed, how were we going to escape? During this moment of self reflextion, a faint raspy voice pierced the cold darkness, "doth thou truely comprehend the meaning of what hath occoured.........come.......come......cooommmeee" then it stopped as abruptly as it had begun. I turned to the others but they seem to be oblivious, I felt like saying something, but how could I? Would they not just think I was mad, 'it was probably just the cave playing tricks on my mind' I told myself 'we all have heard those voices in a cave before, when we can swear was another group,' then it happened.

With a loud crash and a scream of excruciating pain Chris keeled over and slammed into the calcified floor. We all instantly turned to him, to see what had caused this and if he was alright, only to find he was standing again seeminly okay, ' im fine I just tripped' joked chris, but I could see a hint of hesitation in his face, if he had tripped it would of taken long for him to stand again, but mabye this was just me being paranoid, could this be linked to the voice I heard? In all my questioning the group had carried on, so quickly I caught up.

As the chamber lead on, the darkness seemed to continue with no sign of an end, then suddenly there was a shout from alex he had found a smooth hole in the floor sloping away at a gentle angle, was this the slide Alastair was on about? with no other opitions, Alex dropped the glow stick an watched it go. The fluorescent light continued into the inky darkness until it abruptly stopped after about a minute of sliding. With no obvious drop, Alex bravely decided that we should follow Alastair premonition and head down the slide...........