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Knotlow Cavern - 15th Jan 2011

Saturday January 15th 2011

Members present: Alastair Gott,  Alexander Stelfox,  Christopher Jones,  Sam Briscoe

Report by Christopher Jones

Reaching the bottom I too had to give an almighty rope free call, waiting what seemed like minutes for the responce from the surface. I was quickly beckoned by Alex towards a waterfall at the far end of the first chamber.

I saw the small squeeze and hurried to help clear out the debris. I thought to myself that these blocks we were moving seemed to have been put here on purpose so as to keep people out. This didn't stop me from wanting to go in, it made me even more willing to find out what lay ahead.

Enough debris was removed so I could fit through. I went in first and after a minute of crawling discovered a long corridor that seemed to have been dug out. The crawl came out halfway down this corridor and was directly opposite something truly amasing. There are formations in every cave, there are chambers and crawls and huge pot holes but what I saw was the first of its kind I have ever saw. What I saw appeared to be some form of ancient cave painting. The picture was describing some form of battle between a group of people below a line, which I presumed was underground, with a group of people above the line. This to me appeared like some form of battle between some cave dwellers and people from the surface. I promtly called Alex to come through and have a look.

By this time, Alastair had reached the bottom of the first pitch and was following us into the crawl.