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Vesper Pot - 24 Apr 2006

Monday April 24th 2006

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  Debbie Flowers,  Gary Douthwaite,  Kevin Francis,  Matt Ewles,  Richard Gover

Report by Matt Ewles

It was only a handful of tastefully utilised swearwords. And only in the tightest parts. I'm not as bendy as the rest of you remember! Tight entrance for 5m then flat out crawl for 20m and then a bit more spacious though some interesting contortional passages to negotiate. Really enjoyed the trip, which was my intention as last time I came, I didn't enjoy it at all, so I'm gradually coming round to liking tight caves. Was great to get all the way to the bottom this time, with some excellent improvised rigging from Gover and Gary around naturals using a spit that we found. In future be aware to stand WELL CLEAR of the bottom of spectacle pitch (the final pitch) as far from the rope as possible as several rocks clashed down around us. Oh, and I got three Cadburys cream eggs to the bottom completely intact and unmelted and they were yummy.