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Vesper Pot - 28 Feb 2009

Saturday February 28th 2009

Members present: Chad B,  Jonathan Booth,  Max Spicer,  Steve Gilbert,  Thomas Blakey

Report by Max Spicer

Good cave with plenty of variation. The entrance and later passages were tight, but not that tight. Lugging a heavy tackle sack through them was a complete pain. Not a cave for the serious pie eaters, but most people would probably be able to get through with a bit of perseverance.

Beware the wait at the bottom of the last pitch. It goes into a very wet and draughty area with very little shelter. I'd definitely recommend trying to make sure that no one has to spend too long down here as they could easily get far too cold. Even with no real hold ups, Steve and I both spent over an hour waiting at the bottom. Five in a group was probably too many for that bit.