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Vesper Pot - 18 May 2002

Saturday May 18th 2002

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Gilmartin,  James Gregory,  Steve Gilbert

Report by James Gregory

After walking to the cave Steve pointed at a small square hole in the ground and so I thought "off we go" and dived head first into the tight entrance crawl. After a few metres I was somewhat stuck, and so I backed up a few metres and tried again. Unfortunately my brain then did some weird "aargh it's tight what the hell are you doing get me out of here" thing and refused to allow my body to take it any further, and so I gave up and went back to the car. I then sat around for a long time being bored. A month later I came back again, determined to not wimp out, and actually did the cave. A year later I came back again on a glorious sunny day with considerably less determination, and decided that actually I'd rather go for a walk in the sun. Cave: 2 James: 1. Maybe I should try again some day and at least go for a draw.