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Pippikin Pot / Mistral Hole - 01 Feb 2009

Sunday February 1st 2009

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  Imogen Shepherd,  Lauren Ellis

Report by Lauren Ellis

This trip was not technically an exchange as there was no team "exchanged" with in the middle, but hey, technicalities. We entered Pippikin with one rope and pulled it through, and exited via Mistral (although at the time we were not convinced it was Mistral).

Our description ended at the Hall of Ten so the outward journey involved following a draught. Not at any point did anything look like the description we had half memorised. And Andy couldn't recognise the inside of a box if he had been stuck in one for years. No offence.

All ended well though as we made it out and had a fantastic trip.

It should also be mentioned that this trip is not for the podgy or big boned. Quite a few times I was suspended in mid air by my hip bones holding me tightly between the rocks. I quickly discovered that this was my widest part, and Imogen discovered in a similar fashion that her helmet was her widest part - yes she was dangling from her head. The trick is most definitely perseverance. And being a contortionist.