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Pippikin Pot - 07 Jul 2007

Saturday July 7th 2007

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Gilmartin,  Nicola Gover,  Richard Gover

Report by Nicola Gover

haha i like the use of "recce" in the description! this is a very small cave-don't bother unless you're very skinny (even ade didnt fit!).

the pitch is quite short and spacious, into a chamber, then theres a short crawl to a blind pot, where you shimmy across a scaffold bar, then theres the first squeeze (non-tiny people remove srt kit here) which we did head first on left hand side-however it comes out high up, above a hole and its quite tricky to get out of so if you dont like dropping head first over holes push andy g through first and use him as a handhold!
the way on is not down the hole below that squeeze, but through a hole in the wall, head first is better i think, into a small chamber. then right through a tight rift (feet first) which drops down into another chamber. this is the limit for gover-sized people! keep as high as possible in the rift to avoid getting stuck (like i did).

what comes next i dont know cos i gave up there and went out to play with my new flashgun in the entrance chamber! :)