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Pippikin Pot / Mistral Hole - 01 Feb 2009

Sunday February 1st 2009

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  Imogen Shepherd,  Lauren Ellis

Report by Imogen Shepherd

This was a really good fun trip.

I'm not even sure why I agreed to it (maybe the promise of half an hours kiting first?) because Will of MUSC/Red Rose fame had scared me the previous night by telling me that the president of Newcastle Uni CC was the same size as me and had to be rescued, and contrary to popular belief it wasn't a good cave for small cavers.

Once we got the hang of how to go through the squeezes it seemed to go okay (keep high!) and it was very helpful to have Andy guiding us through.

Andy did nearly kill me when he sent me down on a rope he said was rigged, only to get to a (very handy) ledge and find that although I had run out of rope I wasn't on the floor! Eek! But all was well, as luckily there was the handy in situ rope next to me to help me out of the dodgy predicament.

I'd done a rather rubbish job of remembering the description, but we found our way out of the cave, after a fun hop out of Mistral and a walk back in the snow to cake, toast and tea. Horray!