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Lancaster Hole - Wretched Rabbit via Double Decker Pot - 9th May 2009

Saturday May 9th 2009

Members present: Gary Douthwaite,  John Singleton,  Jonathan Booth,  Matt Ewles,  Thomas Blakey

Report by Jonathan Booth

A nice abb down Lancaster Hole saw me in Ease Gill for the first time. What felt like a few miles of passage, but probably wasnt that far, led to highlights such as the chamber below the Cow Pot main pitch, which looks very inspiring and would be a great dramatic pitch in either direction. After listening to the booming tackle bag noises and muffled swearing of the Cow Pot team we decided not to wait for them as another team was approaching.

Double decker pot provded some interesting downclimbing on some interesting fixed ropes and a couple of anxious moments. On we went, throught more pasage to the minerettes where time didn't seem to meen much as we gazed on thousands of straws and stals that had been dripping away in the dark for thousands of years. That and the straw gallery are so far the prettiest thing iv'e seen underground, in fact there was a good distribution of pretties through the whole cave, Ease Gill seems well decorated. Wretched rabbit provided some entertainment as we climbed up the short sections and crawled out into the sunlight by the beck.