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Wretched Rabbit - County Pot - 14th Nov 2009

Saturday November 14th 2009

Members present: Anna Barnard,  Daniel Hughes,  Nicola Gover,  Richard Gover

Report by Nicola Gover

Good trip. The day started off very faffy with a rather long trip to bernies on the way and various forgotten things and general sitting around! Finally headed out towards county to drop the others off, who by then had been overtaken by about 30 others doing various trips! We left the others to wait by county and headed on to wretched rabbit, just beating the masses to the entrance :-).

Here we became super efficient and wooshed down the fixed ropes (replaced with much thicker rope so you can easily haul yourself up or slide down!) and over spiral staircase (much wetter than usual). Quick progress was made down to stop pot, where the main drain seemed surprisingly low. On up the ladder we headed into mainline terminus, then on into the manchester flood escape route which is small and awkward, but fun (for me!). Then we just followed our noses down the aided climbs etc until we popped into battle of britain chamber.

Decided we had plenty of time so we headed into trident series for a quick play in the streamway and look at white line chamber. Climbing up from battle of britain Anna touched the wall and managed to get a rather large rock falling on her! Luckily it only hit her hip, leaving a very impressive bruise, and didnt break anything. After recovering slightly we carefully headed on through the bouldery bit to the traverse line above white line chamber. Met the others on their way out by the ladder and had a chat then quickly down the climb into trident streamway. Nice and wet today! We returned via the oxbow and popped down to Poetic Justice to see if the Imperial (?) team had laddered it, giving us a sneaky round trip, but alas no they'd used SRT. Back out and up to broadway (using a short and long sling on the climb up to the pitch helps a lot!) and the pitch.

Out to dusk and no rain :-). A stumbly walk back with my crap light and Anna's dying where we found the others drinking tea, and the lancaster-ww group. Quick change and back for tea!