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Alum Pot - 12th Dec 2010

Sunday December 12th 2010

Members present: Jonathan Booth,  Karolis Miskinis,  Kevin Francis,  Mike Rippon,  Sam Briscoe,  Toby Buxton

Report by Jonathan Booth

we chose to do the North West route, which s a direct route straight down the overhanging wall of the shaft to the top of the final pitch in a glorious 70meter hang. Looking over the ledge the view was un-believable, after passing one the most thrilling rebelays the descent begins properly, soon the walls drop away and theres nowhere to hide from the gripping exposure. Descending through a spectacular jungle scene you leave the hanging gardens and continue down a dark slot in the shaft to land in the chamber before the final pitch.

I found the Northwest route more exposed than, and comparable in beauty to anything else Ive done including Dihedral, Rowten etc. Hanging in space above the ledges, pits, bridges and waterfalls It's hard to believe it'sonly 60-70 meters!

Would have been much easier if I'd have hauled the ropes up at the top instead of hauling them up like a muppet.