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Long Churn / Alum Pot

Saturday April 5th 2008

Members present: Adam Wilkinson,  Andy Tricklebank,  Chuck Holder,  Imogen Shepherd,  Richard Gover

Report by Imogen Shepherd

Gover and Andy T rigged the main drop whilst Adam, Chuck and I went into Long Churn where Adam started rigging and then they caught us up. We had to wait a bit as there were two other groups down there but there were plenty of different routes for us to go down so it was pretty efficient.

On the way out I followed Andy T out the main drop (and then Chuck changed his mind and went that way too). The view whilst prussiking up was fantastic and then it started snowing! After de-rigging and shanking the rope we went to meet the others who were de-rigging the other route only to find our rope wasn't there. They'd been too quick so we headed back to the car and were back in York before 8 :)

I like caving outside!