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Long Churn / Alum Pot - 05 Apr 2008

Saturday April 5th 2008

Members present: Adam Wilkinson,  Andy Tricklebank,  Chuck Holder,  Imogen Shepherd,  Richard Gover

Report by Adam Wilkinson

Yay after many months I finally get to do the trip I've wanted to do since learning to rig. Well the half I wanted to rig anyway. It was far to wet to do Diccan. Happily I rigged the route down dolly tubs and to the bottom of Alum Pot. Did get stuck waiting behind two groups though, but that's life. Got to the bottom and went to look at the raging waterfall coming down Diccan, so glad we didn't do that route. So went back up the way I rigged and had to derig it (bad Chuck). All in all very fun trip