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Long Churn

Saturday October 22nd 2011

Members present: Jonathan Booth,  Kevin Francis,  Marianne Log,  Theresa Holesovsky

Report by Jonathan Booth

Saterday dawned clear and bright at the container as we waited for people to turn up. After the usual faff we were on the road and into the Dales, which were especialy beautiful on this fine autumn day. We all met at Bernies and most of us set off for Valley entrance, while Kev, Theresa, Marianne and myself headed for longchurn. After a bit of faffing with suits to arrange it so everyone had something that fitted as close as possible (which ended well for me as I got the PVC) we got underground and were following the streamway. After a bit of a mix-up when we left the system because we thought we'd gone the wrong way but hadnt, we got back to the cheese press which was passed with dificulty by myself. Kev suggested to us that we head out of the first daylight we saw, which I knew meant the resergence but I kept quiet. When we got there Kev disappeared and I knew what he was up to but it was too late, I was obliged to follow through the water while Kev took a dry route out but at least I was wearing his PVC. On leaving the system (again) we saw just how nice the Dales can be, a stunning autumn light and a chill in the air that suggested that winter and the snow wasnt far off. Being out in the afternoon we stopped at a pub for some pie before heading back to York via Knaresborough castle. All in all a good day out in the Dales.