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Alum Pot

Saturday December 17th 2011

Members present: Adam Walmsley,  Jonathan Booth,  Laura Ward,  Luke Brownbridge,  Mark Sims,  Mike Rippon,  Steven Spall

Report by Mark Sims

Rigging took absolutely ages! When it came to lowering down ladder 7 and ladder 8, the weight was almost taking me off my feet. But it did look pretty impressive.

I expected it to be fairly hard to climb a 60 m ladder, but it was much much worse than I was expecting! I have a huge amount of respect for people who did this for all their trips. It was an awesome sight to see ladders stretching out of sight below and above on the way up.

Derigging probably took even longer than rigging. There was quite a surreal moment as Mike and I were stood on the ledge at the top in a waist deep heap of ladders to coil.