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Alum Pot - 03 Dec 2005

Saturday December 3rd 2005

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Aimee Chalmers,  Dominic Galliano

Report by Aimee Chalmers

And I thought Long Churn was flooded a month ago! Could not believe how much water was around, we had to do 3 river crossings to even reach the waterfall!! Pretty awesome sight though to see it all falling from the sky, just a bit chilly at the bottom! (Once I got there - after a 20 minute re-belay) =s Greasy slab was fun though, just...rather greasy! And we made it back in time for homemade soup at Bernies! Yuuuuummmmm... A good day was had by all, especially in the car owing to the 'death by cheesy tunes' on full blast!