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Ireby Fell Cavern

Sunday March 3rd 2013

Members present: Adam Hughes,  Louise Bell,  Toby Buxton

Report by Adam Hughes

Attempt number two for Ireby! This time with greater success seeing as though no one else was up masongill this time!

Rigging through the Shadow route proceeded fairly smoothly all the way to the bottom with only minor faff to re-rig bits so we had enough rope for the last big pitch. Squeezing and crawling through the streamway is more than made up for by the view in Duke Street. Lots of impressive formations throughout which seem relatively undisturbed really make this one of the best caves I've been in!

Derigging on the way out was fairly speedy as it was shared between me and Richard, although we were convinced one of the tacklesacks was going to give up the go due to the fairly large hole developing at the bottom!

All in all a great day trip!