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Ireby Fell Cavern - 20th Feb 2010

Saturday February 20th 2010

Members present: Alexander Stelfox,  Karim Shokraee,  Matt Gosling

Report by Karim Shokraee

I think Matt G's report sums up accurately the day but here are my own personal highlights:

The cave entrance is brilliant. rcp and ladder!

Shadow route looks fun to rig, lots of sound effects and pendulum action :P

Lots of fun stompy stuff, a bit of a horrible wet bit of stooping

An evil crawl to Ireby 2. The diggers efforts amaze me.....

The water as you drop into Ireby 2 that gets deeper....and deeper.....and then reduce grown men to girly screams as cooling occurs. Funny stuff....

The funny rope up to Ireby 2. Good job I did a knot pass in training last week! "the core is showing!!!!" nothing to do but laugh nervously....

The amazing crystal and formations off in the crawly bits up past jupiter

Putting massive gouges in my rack descending the ropes back down to Jupiter then to the start of Ireby 2. I'll wave my polished rack bars at people and tell them I am far more pro than I really am!

Then the interesting ascent to the top avec tackle sack and not feeling too bad oddly enough. Felt like quite a milestone for me this one - a very long trip with quite a lot of SRT for me and to come out of the other side only verging on being destroyed rather than being completely ruined felt good!

Cheers guys, a really fantastic trip, that crystal pool will stay in my mind for a while yet!