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Ireby Fell Cavern -Duke Street II

Sunday August 29th 2021

Members present: Adrian Turner,  John Holloway,  Nicholas Stylianou,  Oliver Forbes-shaw,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Rosie Marshall

Report by Paulina Poterlowicz

~Trip precis~
Turns out the club doesn’t seem to have many 35m ropes
We tested the new key place. It worked
We drove
Inglesport café was open once more! (Bank holiday only) I was pleased
We had food, and acquired Forbes and John
The walk was long
The cave was pre-rigged. The packing was for nought.
The trip down was speedy.
Rosie and I pondered going back and rigging shadow route for fun
We carried on
Ade suggested going along the long, long crawl
It was long
Nick did it backwards for some reason.
Some effort noises were heard
A streamway was met. Underwear was drenched.
A pretty passage reached.
Rosie and I explored.
We returned through the crawl
It was long
Forbes sang. I think we broke him
Rosie and I took a nap. It was peaceful
There was an optional climb.
Rosie, John and I accepted the challenge.
Ade, Forbes and Nick prussiked up.
Onwards we went.
John and I had a prussik race
It was intense
Up we went
Nick complained
It was too late to rig shadow
We exited at 7:30
Down to the car
Ades central maillon had been undone all day