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Ireby Fell Cavern - 14th Feb 2010

Sunday February 14th 2010

Members present: Alastair Gott,  Chad B,  Christopher Jones,  Chuck Holder,  Jennie Hill,  Marion Holloway,  Mike Rippon,  Toby Buxton,  William Burns

Report by Chad B

Valentines Day fun down Ireby Fell!

Awesome trip down probably my favourite cave, for a team of nine people I dont think the trip could have run anymore efficiently (nine people leaving the container before 8.10 am !!!), everyone knew exactly what they were doing.

Rigging Shadow route is just so much fun that its probably the best rigging experience to date. The exposed traverses, the hidden p-hangers further down, swinging into slots, and then the main shaft.

Maz and Jennie got some rigging practise on Pussy, Well and Rope pitches, by this time the team going down Ding Dong Bell had caught up and we all met up in Dukes street 1 as per plan.

What was really good then that everyone fancied Ireby 2, so off we went - nine people crawling down the dig. The route to Dukes street 2 involved going through thigh deep water, which initiated some squeals! Duke street 2 looked as fine as ever, we pottered around past one in-situ rope tp the in-situ rope that lead you to Jupiter Cavern and beyond, with the plan not being going up these we wnet back to the other in-situ rope to have a look up there. That simply wasnt worth it , it just seems to end in a muudy tight pich head. I think Toby got spattered by mud :-P

At that point is was of and and with Tobys team going on ahead to de-rig shadow, while we went out the traditional route. Maz and Billy did a little de-rigging on Rope and Well pitches. I then took over as I could sense tiredness levels were increasing and I was in ones of those days where I felt that I could cave for another 24 hours.

Great day out, dont think that it could have been any better :)