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County Pot as far as Splash Chamber

Saturday November 26th 2011

Members present: Catherine Moody,  Mark Sims

Report by Catherine Moody

This was the second time in the space of a few months that I'd witnessed a flood pulse in County Pot. Slightly less scary given that I knew more-or-less what to expect, and that we would be able to exit safely (even if it meant waiting a while for water levels to retreat), but nevertheless a sobering experience.

Given the amount of water on the way down to Spout Hall, I mentioned to Mark that we may find it a bit soggy in Battle of Britain, given that last time I'd seen the streamway that wet, there'd been a river running into Manchester Bypass. When we got there I was surprised to find it bone dry, but as Mark recounted above, things were soon to change...

After seeing the river appear in Battle of Britain I suggested going back up to Splash Chamber, as the last time I was there in flood conditions it was mighty impressive - it didn't disappoint. The Exeter lot were marveling at the amount of water pouring out the roof, and running down the passageways that had been bone dry literally a few minutes before.

I'm sure Manchester Bypass would have been fine, if a bit soggy, given that the route turns out of the water after a couple of metres, but decided that it probably wasn't worth it as we didn't want to risk hanging around in case water levels got higher.

I was slightly concerned by the new waterfall filling the passageway just after confusion corner - I'm sure that wasn't there last time! I got a good soaking going through, especially as it was in the middle of a climb and I couldn't see to find any footing. We all got through fine though - the Exeter lot were loving it!

By the time we got to the exit, Hatty and Ben were at the front so I sent them out first. "There's a river up here" I heard them shout down. Well yeah, there should be... It wasn't til I got out myself that I understood quite what they meant - "F***ing hell* - I'd never seen Easegill beck with anything like that amount of water before. When we got back to the Dalesbridge, I heard accounts from a group who'd been sat waiting at Link Pot when a wave of water appeared coming down the beck... In my head I imagine a scene out of Lord of the Rings with Black Riders getting washed away by a tidal wave...