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County Pot - 23rd Jan 2010

Saturday January 23rd 2010

Members present: Andrew Vick,  Catherine Moody

Report by Catherine Moody

It had been several months since my last (and only my second) trip to County Pot. I could remember little bits of it but struggled to link any of it together so I was keen to return and try to cement it better in my mind.

Following our Cow Pot - Wretched Rabbit trip, Andy and I decided we’d nip into County for a potter about, with the aim of completing the round trip. Armed with the Braemoor descriptions I set about finding the route. I was surprised how much of the Trident section I recognised, and was really happy to be able to find the way between them all (and comforting to have Andy there in case I started to stray in the wrong direction). We made it from the entrance to Eureka Junction in a pretty respectable 45 minutes. The return journey via Ignorance is Bliss was to be a bit more challenging though, as apart from the first section where we simply backtracked, I hadn’t done any of it before. Nevertheless though, despite the odd whinge at the description for being (in my eyes) too overcomplicated and confusing in places, we found the way and an hour after leaving Eureka Junction we were back at the entrance, looking forward to Laura’s scrumptious stew. Hooray!