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County Pot Trident Series to Stop Pot back via Ignorance is Bliss - 7th Nov 2009

Saturday November 7th 2009

Members present: Nicola Gover,  Richard Gover

Report by Nicola Gover

Mike Topham and Ian Jack also present.
My dad's 60th birthday present trip! Super efficient day as we had to get back to York in time for Hobby's last night in town. In Bernies at 9.45 with a pre-order of yorkshire puddings through my mum (pre-ordering is the way forward) and on our way by 10.30. We saw the bar pot team just arriving-slackers!
Got to bull pot farm and changed in the changing rooms as it was very rainy! Various discussions on wellies vs boots, wet socks vs hiking socks (not much of a contest!) etc and we were on our way. My mum and friend Steve walked with us to the cave getting soaked in the process. In the cave by 11.45 and off to the first pitch with me navigating. Rich rigged. I remember this cave remarkably well (for me) so it wasnt long before battle of britain chamber then the climb down into trident streamway. Quite a lot of water but not as much as the first time we did this trip. Up to white line chamber to see the waterfalls-very impressive with this water level! Then we missed the oxbow climb up so went up the wrong way and for another lap of the streamway. On to Eureka Junction where there was a LOT of foam on the ceiling! Decided on a quick lap to Stop pot then back via the wretched rabbit inlet. Once we were back it was a quick stomp up the streamway were we easily found the climb up into the Ingorance is Bliss route. The upward squeezes into cotton chamber were not good for my dad's back (or energy levels)! Quick snickers break then on to the flat out crawl then drop down back into county. Bouldery rifty bit then a bit of confusion til we found the sling climb down to spout hall. The spout was hard with all that water! Cleaned my suit though! Quick stomp and we were back to the ladder and out. Still daylight but raining, and with much more streamway on the surface, we headed back to BPF to change while my mum made us tea and we tried out the showers. Two types of cake and more tea then we set off home. Back by 6.15 for a sit down before heading out to the party!
Busy but very fun day :-)