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County Pot - 24th Jan 2010

Sunday January 24th 2010

Members present: Caitlin Brumby,  Jennie Hill,  Laura Bennett,  Nicola Gover

Report by Caitlin Brumby

Very fun trip :)
Although there was one stupid squeezy bit into Sandy Chamber (distinct lack of sand btw..), with a stupid bit of rock digging into my back, gave me a nice bruise to show off anyway!!

I enjoyed trying to navigate, and going first was definitely something to do again. Chest tapes were definitely useful for some climby bits. I think the Broadway part may have been a bit hairy without.. perhaps borderline impossible on the way up, gave us girls a few extra feet of height :)
White line chamber and the little oxbow bit leading back into the stream way was quite nice. As was the spout in spout hall. We didn't climb up it though - we took the detour round, which I'm glad of. Climbing up against water when tired from the day before didn't appeal so much.
The 15m flat out crawl, head first into the rift was amusing :) ('Oh... yeah, we're here!!')

De-rigging was fun, bit unsure why there was a 39m rope for a 8m pitch though :P

Country round trip was a lovely Sunday trip.
Seems like a lovely part of Easegill I would love to connect up to other bits ! Maybe go back to Eureka Junction and play in Wretched Rabbit stream way.!