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Giants Hole

Saturday October 29th 2011

Members present: Charlie Rowland,  Jonathan Booth,  Russell Whiting,  Steven Spall

Report by Jonathan Booth

We planned to do the round trip the other way round, but turn back at the windpipe and just explore. The dificult bit was finding where in the crabwalk to climb up, heres some advice:

The guidbook says the climb up is 40m into the crabwalk, we found this was a lot futher, the first chance to climb up is probably at least 100m in. There are loads of options to climb up, the rift can be climbed pretty much anywhere. The rift starts out narrow throughout early on, carry on down the crabwalk for 100m or so before you plan to climb up, even though it may look narrow there will be a passageway at the top if you've gone dar enough in. Once you gain this, head back towards garlands and eventualy you'l find the anchors.