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Giants Hole - 27 Oct 2007

Saturday October 27th 2007

Members present: ,  Adrian Turner,  Andy Tricklebank,  Cat Evans,  Charlotte Collomb,  Chris Ward,  Debbie Flowers,  Imogen Shepherd,  Joe Vaughen,  Kevin Francis,  Laz Abbott,  Simon Herrod,  Thomas Blakey,  Tom Smith

Report by Laz Abbott

Errr...maybe there were a few navigational issues but we did get to see lots of bits of the system!


A good, fun stomp around the round trip (and to various digs and dead ends...). The Giant's Windpipe was quite squalid but short enough to be quite good fun! I might do a quick sketch of the route for the future. Not that I can draw, mind, so I doubt it will be of much help!!

Got out to daylight (yay!) and drizzle and wind (booo!).

I've written a description of what I remember about route-finding in the Cave Info section for Giants. See if it sounds reasonable, those who went!