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Giants Hole - 01 Nov 2008

Saturday November 1st 2008

Members present: ,  Adam Wilkinson,  Ben Scothern,  Christina Cartaciano,  Gary Douthwaite,  George Bunyan,  John Singleton,  Mark Sims,  Matt Ewles,  Matt Gosling,  Tom Evans

Report by Ben Scothern

Went in at 1pm with 2 freshers (including me), and 3 experienced cavers. Fun, wet (deep wellingtons filling fun), narrow Ss & waterfalls to climb back up & crawl under. We only just got lost but we made the most of it in an extravaganza of waterfalls crawls & traverses (I fell :D).
On the way back we had a few hoots moans cackles and other weird noises, collecting the ropes that had been left for us.
Got changed in the dark at 8pm.
FUN FUN FUN, plus I came out with warm water in my boots!
:p ;) :)